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The Group is an international art company, founded in 2017 and open to all. This collective adventure includes 131 persons, aged 8 to 78, from 29 countries, every walk of life and a wide range of professional backgrounds.

We reinvent our lives through artistic and humanistic projects, created by Agathe Simon since 2017, after a decade of residencies around the world. These interdisciplinary projects originate in unprecedented human situations, and then unfold in performances, films, art installations, and publications. We develop, on average, five events a year. A French non-profit organization, The Group is deliberately turned towards a large audience and collaborates with various partners, from alternative art venues to research laboratories.

To join us:
     1. There is no prerequisite to participating in our projects.
     2. It is possible to live one or several experiences.
     3. It is possible to participate from anywhere in the world, via Internet.

Members of The Group are from all the continents: Angola, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iceland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tasmania, Turkey, and the United States of America.


Members of The Group include: a workman, a meteorite hunter, a marketing director, a schoolgirl, a CNRS researcher, a secretary, a tantra teacher, an orchestra conductor, a service agent, the founder of an association for the visually impaired, an astrophysicist, a switchboard operator, a home help, a chief information officer, a sales representative, a librarian, a Head of Human Resources, a scriptwriter, a student, a software engineer, a program manager at Radio France (France Culture), a self-employed individual, a school teacher, a retired person, a director of a scientific laboratory, an administration coordinator, a composer, a cartographer, a computer science tutor, a game designer, a film editor, a choir director, a creative director, etc.

Members: Soraya Abdou, Saïd Afifi, Yasser Aguirre, Albane, Hugo Allegrini, Florie Allenet, Annemie, Daria Apakhonchich, Frédéric Baron, Barbara Becquiot, Mathis Bergogne, Martine Bertrand, Cindy Blaise, Noémie Bourdin-Habert, Georges Brandenburger, Ansilde Chanteau, Wei Chiang Chen, Denise Cobello, Fabio Costa, Léa Da Silva, Françoise de Chalonge, Philippe de la Sainte Pommade, Mehmet Demirtas, Wadim Dicke, Jean Dindinnaud, Félix Dirand, Julien Douçot, Jimmy Elias, Émilie, Laëtitia, Marina Eutropi, Maxim Evstropov, Alice Fauquette, Mireille Faure, John Fellerich, Stéphane Feuillu, Odile Fondet, Eryn Foster, Rubén Fuentes, Margarita Garcia Faure, Giuseppe Gavazza, Laurent Gindt, Carine Gindt-Uhres, Astrid Ginouvier-Chardard, Sigurlin Bjarney Gisladottir, Panagiotis Grigoriou, Leïa Guillaume, Michele Gurrieri, Pauline Gutter, Saïd Hajjioui, Ida C. Helland-Hansen, Lou Inglebert, Thomas Ivernel, Lucile Jaeghers, Jamie, Alain Joubert, Vicky Kuffer, Prasanta Kumar Kolay, Namhee Kwon, Jean-Christophe Lachaise, Louise Lachance, Laurent Lamielle, Margaret Lanzetta, Esther Laurent-Baroux, Alexis Lavigne, Muriel Lequy-Papleux, Corinne Le Néün, Sinae Lee, Jocelyne Léger, Jeanne Lelièvre, Sébastien Lemaire, Félix Leprince, Rudy Levassor, Lilli, Éléonore Linais, Brigitte Louis, Sandra Lux, Milan Mach, Fabienne Manet, Cristiano Mangovo, Elisa Martin, Anne Mazeau, Alexandra Miguel Marques,Viviane Monel, Pascale Mons, Simonetta Montaguti, Manon Morin, Véronique Moulinié, Hadi Moussally, Myriam, Nathalie Noé Adam, Irène Omélianenko, David Packer, Élise Paget, Olivier Pagny, Ghislaine Parent, Daniel Pedana, Sheila Pigeon, Pol, Bastien Prat, Gérald Peloux, Fred Petit, Deneth Piumakshi, Léna Pochauvin, Anne Rannou, Renato, Françoise Reuter, Jacques Reuter, Etienne Roussel, André Schartz, Agathe Simon, Patrick Sutczak, Jimsi Tassar, Delphine Teriifaatau, Edgar Tetahiotupa, Armel Tia, Carl Tixier, Tom, Patrice Vandoorselaere, Paul Villa, Benjamin Zaragoza, Arnaud, V., Françoise, Jean-Baptiste, Kotazo, Nolwenn, Lavy, Mila, LNPELL, Seishin, Zabby.

Artistic Creation: Agathe Simon.

Film & Photo Team: Agathe Simon (Director & Film Editor), Sébastien Lemaire (Photographer & Cameraman), Fred Petit (Photographer), Pascale Mons & Alain Joubert (Sound Engineers).

Administrative Team: Anne Rannou (President), Étienne Roussel (Treasurer), Sébastien Lemaire (Associate Administrator), Viviane Monel-Villa (Associate Administrator), Anne Mazeau (Associate Administrator), Marie-Hélène Vignes (Lawyer), Laure Duchâtel (Lawyer).

Special Thanks: Barbara Becquiot, Noémie Bourdin Habert, Emmanuel Ferrand, Philippe Kadosch, Jeanne Lelièvre, Le Professeur Inlassable, Carine Simon, Marie-Hélène Vignes.


A Word from Agathe Simon

Dear All,

During a decade of travel and art residencies around the world, I created many art projects, from Antarctica to the Arctic, from Amazonia to the Far East. I also collaborated with artists and scientists, met shamans and lived initiatic experiences.

Since my return in Paris, I have continued this adventure in my own country. I am pleased to have created the projects of the art company The Group. I feel that the more we are connected (to ourselves, to others and to the invisible dimension of the world), the more we are creative and happy.

This is what my projects for The Group offers you. Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Our Experiences

  • I can truly say the experience was
    delightful, and its many unexpected
    moments will not soon be forgotten.

    Barbara Becquiot
  • I lived a great experience, on a physical and emotional level. Joy of evolving
    in a group of caring, interesting and varied people.
    I can’t wait for the next experiences!

    Lionel Onteniente
  • In this closed space, the movement of my body was automatic, instinctive, among
    others, sometimes with others. A strange experience that I experienced
    deeply, intimately, with the heart

    Fabienne Manet
  • The strange sensation of passing through the looking glass,
    to enter gently into the poetic dance that is offered to us.
    A great adventure out of my comfort zone. Thank you!

    Lucile Jaeghers

Photographs © Noémie Bourdin Habert

Our vision

We reinvent our lives thanks to art projects based on collective humanistic experiences.

what we do

Created by Agathe Simon, our art projects unfold with various partners, from alternative venues to research laboratories.


join us

The art company The Group is open to all. You can join us without prerequisite for either one or more experiences.

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