We are The Group.

The Group

We are The Group. We reinvent our lives thanks to artistic projects based on collective humanistic experiences. There are currently 37 participants ranging in age from 24 to 74 years old, from varied horizons (France, Spain, the United States, South Korea, Cuba, Argentina, and Russia) and from various backgrounds (entrepreneur, researcher, musician, engineer, sound producer, retiree, marketing director, lawyer, photographer, school teacher, university professor, psychoanalyst, painter, etc.). Proposed by Agathe Simon, our projects take place once a month, in Paris and elsewhere.

Open to all and intended for all, The Group is a French association created in 2017. Membership is free. There is no prerequisite necessary to participate in our projects. It is possible to commit to a single or to a long term experience. Our activity is deliberately turned towards a large audience, from the museum to alternative venues, from the theater to the public space. Apolitical and areligious, The Group is a collective long-term adventure dedicated to creation, freedom and sharing. We welcome all those who wish to join us.

Members: Yasser Aguirre, Frédéric Baron, Barbara Becquiot, Nadine Bottolaccio, Noémie Bourdin Habert, Ansilde Chanteau, Stéphane Feuillu, Rubén Fuentes, Cyril Golovtchan, Lucile Jaeghers, Namhee Kwon, Laurent Lamielle, Sébastien Lemaire, Fabienne Manet, Bertrand Maillot, Elisa Martin, Manuel Martinez, Viviane Monel-Villa, David Packer, Margaret Lanzetta, Lionel Onteniente, Ghislaine Parent, Bruno Payen, Deneth Piumakshi, Anne Rannou, Nadine Renoult, Macia Roca, Agathe Simon, Marie-Hélène Vignes, Paul Villa, Francis Winisdoerffer, Arnaud, Françoise, Jean-Baptiste, Le Professeur Inlassable, Nolwenn.

Audiovisual Documentation: H7o7 Films (Hadi Moussally, Olivier Pagny), Noémie Bourdin Habert, Sébastien Lemaire.

Administrative Team: Agathe Simon (President), Anne Rannou (Treasurer), Sébastien Lemaire (Associate Administrator), Elisa Martin (Associate Administrator), Marie-Hélène Vignes (Lawyer), Laure Duchâtel (Lawyer).

A Word from the Founder

Dear All,

Since September 2017, I am pleased to have created « The Group ». The Group is a long-term collective adventure, which I am proposing to you following a decade of journeys and art residencies around the world.

On this occasion, I have created many art projects, from Antarctica to the Arctic, from Amazonia to the Far East. I have collaborated with artists and scientists. I have also met shamans and lived initiatic experiences.

Currently back in Paris, I wish to continue this adventure in my own country which is why I have created The Group. I feel that the more we are connected (with ourselves, the others and the invisible dimension of the world), the more we are creative and happy. This is what The Group offers you. Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Our Experiences

  • I can truly say the experience was
    delightful, and its many unexpected
    moments will not soon be forgotten.

    Barbara Becquiot
  • I lived a great experience, on a physical and emotional level. Joy of evolving in a group of caring, interesting and varied people.
    I can’t wait for the next experiences!

    Lionel Onteniente
  • In this closed space, the movement of my body was automatic, instinctive, among others, sometimes with others. A strange experience that I experienced deeply, intimately, with the heart.

    Fabienne Manet
  • The strange sensation of passing through the looking glass,
    to enter gently into the poetic dance that is offered to us.
    A great adventure out of my comfort zone. Thank you !

    Lucile Jaeghers

Photographies © Hadi Moussally (1), Noémie Bourdin Habert (2 & 3)

Our vision

Living and offering to live unprecedented experiences. Creating a collective space for reinvention of the self and the group by participating in artistic creations.

what we do

Collective performances open to everyone, intended for a broad audience, from museums to subway, from theater to alternative venues.

how we do it

There are no prerequisites to join The Group. You can commit to a unique or long-term experience.

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