Day 17


Day 17

As part of the festival Les Festives de Sorbonne Université (science and culture festival of the Sorbonne University Aliance and the Alliance 4EU+), the film For The Beauty Seen… by Agathe Simon aims to create a participatory experience open to all members of the Alliance Sorbonne Université and the six universities of the Alliance 4EU+.

Find a promising future and film it in 30 seconds

With images by Ludovico Succo, Alia Bobate, Ana Maria Penido Miranda, Benjamin Thiault, Bérénice Le Boulc’h, Bérénice Glaser, Clara Cazals, Diane Flahault, Lila Alibert, Eve Figuière, Gwenilt, Hengke Ji, Irène Mackenzie Biboum, Iris Toussaint, Julien Cozdenmat, Maëlle Gasnier, Maëlle Olivera, Margot Lumb, Pauline Licata, Poline Barthès, Raphaël Silverio, Rosanna Airiau, Sarah Dubourg, Sébastien Giffard, Hilary Rasoamparany, Angela Garcia Aroyo, Rose Frigaux, Julie Hoang, Vassia Szymanski

At a time of collapsology and the upheaval implied by the current pandemic, this project honors the contribution of each participant (student, teacher-researcher or staff) to seek, find, evoke and/or develop a promising future.

To create this collective interdisciplinary and inter-university film, Agathe Simon proposes a common protocol to the participants, which does not require any specific prerequisite or material.

Cover image: Irène Mackenzie Biboum