« DAY 1 »


The First Project of The Group

« DAY 1 »

Paris, 24.09.2017

« Day 1 » is the first project of The Group. It was presented at La Générale in Paris, on September the 24th, 2017. « Day 1 » is a collective experience of shamanistic inspiration, created by Agathe Simon following her Ritual for Light in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Film (images & sound) : H7O7 Films (Hadi Moussally, Olivier Pagny)
Photographs : Noémie Bourdin Habert

An Immersive Experience
of Shamanistic Inspiration

« Day 1 » is an immersive and participative project dedicated to the reinvention of the connection to the self, the others and the invisible. It brings together prepared participants and unprepared participants, who interact. In line with previous projets by Agathe Simon, this collective experience is based on freedom through various inner and outer actions. It does not require any prerequisites.

Agathe Simon prepared « Day 1 » thanks to shamanistic journeys. During the experience, participants also carry out shamanistic journeys and describe them live. The narratives of these relaies intermingle. They become sources of interpretation and improvisation.

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