Our Experiences, Our Stories.

I lived a fascinating experience, rich in sensations. It enabled me to live the city in a completely different manner, an innovating one. Moreover, it also enabled me to grasp the concept of group in a sensory and animalistic way, as never before. It was a true pleasure to share these moments with such open and benevolent group of people.

Frédéric Baron

In this closed space, the movement of my body was automatic, instinctive, among others, sometimes with others. A strange experience that I experienced deeply, intimately, with the heart.

Fabienne Manet
Marketing Director

I lived a great experience, on a physical and emotional level. Joy of evolving in a group of caring, interesting and varied people. I can’t wait for the next experiences!

Lionel Onteniente

The strange sensation of passing through the looking glass, to enter gently into the poetic dance that is offered to us. A great adventure out of my comfort zone. Thank you!

Lucile Jaeghers

“Day 1” was an intriguingly silent journey. In the beginning, strangers around me, then communication set in through gestures, chalk drawings, and physical contacts. It was quite a thrilling feeling, one of retracing the itinerary from time immemorial as regards the means of communication between human beings, before verb was born.

Stéphane Feuillu

I had new impressions of the city, as though places, which I thought I knew, revealed themselves. Guy Debord and the Situationists’ drifts came to my mind.

Rubén Fuentes

I can truly say the experience was delightful, and its many unexpected moments will not soon be forgotten. I loved to experience our ability to bond in a shared experience of self-discovery while giving meaning and relationship to an impersonally collective space.

Barbara Becquiot


© Photograph: Noémie Bourdin Habert