Day 16


Day 16

The Limits of Our World is a film created following a protocol by Agathe Simon and produced by the art company The Group.

On November 21, 2020,
to go to the limits of your world
and film for a minute.

To watch the full-length film (HD, Stereo, 24 min 32, 2020), please reach us for credential.


Images & Sound: Limits Observation Laboratory | Center of Research on the
Direction & postproduction: Agathe Simon
Production: Anne Rannou & Étienne Roussel | Art Company The Group

Special Thanks

Aude Sonneville & Michel Munoz | Institut Polaire Français
Marie-Hélène Vignes
Barbara Becquiot
‘Le Jardin de Grande Compassion’ Hermitage

The images of the film The Limits of Our World were shot on November 21, 2020 in 15 countries by persons aged 10 to 77: in an Antarctic base, a Himalayan mountain, an Italian classroom, a Norwegian fjord, a Mexican pool, a Lorraine attic, an Abidjan home, a Buddhist retreat, an Argentinean bed, a Parisian demonstration, a Tahitian bank, an Indian tree, a New York artist studio, a Taiwanese park, on the Luxembourg border, near a Burgundian fireplace, above the Congo River and in various other places around the world.

In these times of restricted movement and human contact, this cinematographic experiment is an investigation into the limits of our world carried out by this team of 29 researchers from the Limits Observation Laboratory of the Center of Research on the Unknown (C.R.U.). Created in 2019 by Agathe Simon, the C.R.U. aims to conduct research on the unknown through experiments open to all.

Members of the Limits Observation Laboratory (L.O.L.) of the Center of Research on the Unknown (C.R.U.)

Ida Carolyn Helland-Hansen | Strandenarm, Norway
Agathe Simon | Paris, France
Denise Cobello | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hugo Allegrini | Lunéville, France
Jimsi Tassar | Tawang, India
Anne Mazeau | Bobigny, France
Bastien Prat – Institut Polaire Français/PNRA | Concordia Base, Antarctica
Barbara Becquiot | Jaulges, France
Deneth Piumakshi Wedaarachchige | Saint-Julien-en-Champsaur, France
Jimmy Elias | Cologne, Germany
Kotazo | Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Anne Rannou | Paris, France
Simonetta Montaguti | Forlì, Italy

Armel Tia | Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Mila | Paris, France
Ansilde Chanteau & Milan Mach | Prague, Czech Republic
Edgar Tetahiotupa | Papeete, Tahiti
Hélène Pellerin | Gennevilliers, France
Margarita Garcia Faure | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Giuseppe Gavazza | Turin, Italy
Zabby | Taoyuan, Taiwan
Françoise | Montrouge, France
Nathalie Noé Adam | Dudelange, Luxembourg
Prasanta Kumar Kolay | Sheoraphuli, India
Saïd Ajjioui | Paris, France
Lucile Jaeghers | Vallon de l’Oriol, France
David Packer | Long Island City, United States of America
Noémie Bourdin | Bahias de Huatulco, Mexico

Vidéo de couverture : Bastien Prat – Institut Polaire Français/PNRA | Base Concordia, Antarctique