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Trilogy of Earth
From September 2019
France & International

The project Trilogy of Earth proposes creating the portrait of a humanity that has disappeared, doing so in such a way as to better grasp the future of our planet. Developed in partnership with the Paris-Cergy National Graduate School of Art and the University of Cergy-Pontoise, France, it will result in a film, a publication, an exhibition, and an interdisciplinary forum.

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Day 10
28 June 2019
Les Voûtes, Paris, France

Day 10 is the last part of the trilogy 95 % of Unknown, created in order to celebrate the 50 years of the first steps on the Moon. It will take place in the evening of June 28th, 2019, at “Les Voûtes”, an alternative art venue in Paris. The evening will include a performance, a film screening, sound & music, as well as an immersive experience.

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Day 9
April-May 2019
International via Internet

Day 9 is the second part of the trilogy 95 % of Unknown. This project is a collective film on the theme of the unknown. It will be made from images sent from around the world on this occasion, thanks to a protocol created by Agathe Simon.

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Day 8
30 March 2019
‘La Villa des Créateurs’, Paris

Day 8 is the first part of the trilogy 95 % of Unknown. This “sound choreography for group and sound engineer” is a micro-performance whose recording will integrate the last part of the trilogy, Day 10.

Photos & video online soon


Cover Photograph: Sébastien Lemaire

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