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Trilogy of Earth

From September 2019
France & International

The project Trilogy of Earth proposes creating the portrait of a humanity that has disappeared, doing so in such a way as to better grasp the future of our planet. Developed in partnership with the C.N.R.S.” (the largest governmental research organisation in France), the Paris-Cergy National Graduate School of Art and the University of Cergy-Pontoise, France, it will result in a film, a publication, an exhibition, and an interdisciplinary forum.

Information & Participation

Immersive Art Event
95% of Unknown
Day 10

28 June 2019, 8.30pm
Les Voûtes, Paris, France

With a view to celebrating the 50 years of the first steps on the Moon, the art company The Group, invites you to an immersive art event “95% of Unknown” (Day 10) with action, performances, sound, and a film premiere. The event will be held on June 28th at 8:30pm, at the alternative art venue “Les Frigos”.


Trilogy of Fire

18 May 2019, 2pm
Museum of Non-conformist Art
Saint Petersburg, Russia

The film Trilogy of Fire was selected for the International Museum Day 2019. Screening at the Museum of Non-Conformist Art in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on May 18th, 2019, at 2pm.

95% of Unknown
Day 9

May 2019
International via Internet

Day 9 is the second part of the trilogy 95 % of Unknown. This project is a collective film on the theme of the unknown. It will be made from images sent from around the world on this occasion, thanks to a protocol created by Agathe Simon.


Sound Choreography
95% of Unknown

Day 8

30 March 2019
‘La Villa des Créateurs’, Paris

Day 8 is the first part of the trilogy 95 % of Unknown. This “sound choreography for group and sound engineer” is a micro-performance whose recording will integrate the last part of the trilogy, Day 10.

Photos & video


Cover Photograph: Sébastien Lemaire

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