PARIS, 27 october 2018


Collective Performance – Premiere Screening – Retrospective Exhibition
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PARIS, France

The Group will soon celebrate its first year of collective adventure. For this anniversary, we are creating the public event YEAR ONE, with a collective performance, a premiere screening, and a retrospective exhibition. This event will take place on October the 27th, 2018, 8 pm, at La Générale in Paris. This will be our third partnership with this famous Parisian alternative art venue.

A triple event

With the event YEAR ONE, we are delighted to offer you:

1. A collective performance offering the audience a unique immersive experience, with intervention from our correspondents on other continents.
2. The premiere screening of the Trilogy of Fire. This film was realized during our last project: a transcontinental art experience gathering participants from 18 countries, including South Africa, India, and Iceland.
3. A retrospective exhibition displaying some photographs, videos and art installations created since the founding of our non-profit organization.

Who We Are

A French non-profit organization, The Group is a collective adventure. Our goal: reinventing our life thanks to artistic and humanistic projects proposed by the artist Agathe Simon. Founded in Paris in 2017, our Association is open to all, and intended for all. There are currently 71 participants, aged 22 to 75, from 23 countries, every walk of life and a wide range of professional backgrounds.

What the fund-raising is for?

The integrality of your donation is dedicated to The Group. Supporting us is to foster a collective adventure with artistic and humanistic challenges. Your donation is invaluable in helping to complete this project successfully (please see the “Our Budget” tab).


The $3.500 of this fundraising will allow us to cover the indispensable expenses of the event YEAR ONE.
Your support is vital.

The estimated budget of our event is $24,000. The volunteering and diverse benefits in kind allow us to cover an important part of this amount. We also develop other resources, such as public subsidies, but your donation remains crucial in order to complete this event successfully.

How to make a donation?

You can make a donation with a credit card or via Paypal on this webpage, by clicking on the Paypal button “make a donation”.

A Heartfelt Thank you to our Art Patrons

Jessica Degain, Patrice Vandoorselaere, Bertrand Maillot, Fabienne Manet, Wilfried Converti, Louise Lachance, Etienne Roussel, Simonetta Montaguti, Paul Villa, Manuel Martinez, Catherine Lehongre-Dam, Guylène Parent, Ida C. Helland-Hansen.

Photographic Credits: Noémie Bourdin Habert, Sébastien Lemaire, Fred Petit.

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