« 95% OF UNKNOWN »

Day 8

Participants & original recordings: Barbara Becquiot, Alice Fauquette, Giuseppe Gavazza, Marie Leblanc, Françoise M., Mila, Nathalie Noé Adam, Irène Omélianenko, Simon, Agathe Simon.

Sound: Alain Joubert
Images: H7O7 Films (Hadi Moussally, Olivier Pagny)
Directing & Editing: Agathe Simon

« DAY 8 »

Paris, 30.03.2019

“Day 8” is the first stage of the “95% of Unknown” trilogy. Created by Agathe Simon for the art company The Group, this trilogy on the theme of the unknown is a tribute to the fifty years of the first steps on the Moon.

“Day 8” is a “sound choreography for group and sound engineer”. This micro-action represents a first step in the unknown: it is both an immediate experience offered to the public by members of the company, as well as the opportunity for a recording by a audio engineer, according to a specific protocol. This recording is intended to become part of the immersive event “Day 10”, third step in the “95% of Unknown” trilogy.

© Fred Petit

© Sébastien Lemaire

Cover photograph: Sébastien Lemaire