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SINCE 2017
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  2. to become a member of The Group and participate in our projects,

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To become a member of the art company
  • There is no prerequisite to participate in our projects.

  • It is possible to live one or several experiences.

  • It is possible to participate from anywhere in the world, via Internet.

Membership Fees (valid one calendar year)
  • Normal rate: 20 Euros.
  • Reduced rate: 10 Euros (students, artists, jobseekers, pensioners).
  • Free (volunteers, people living outside of France, minors, members of a partner organization).
  • Legal entities: 100 Euros.

The production company The Group is pleased to offer its “Create a Film” workshops, which teach you how to make a fiction or documentary film.

These workshops are held by Agathe Simon, The Group’s artistic director and head of film creation workshops at Sorbonne University.

They are designed for all types of audience. Depending on your specific needs and budget, they can take the form of practical workshops followed by a screening, a three-day course or stand-alone modules lasting just a few hours.